A day in a life
A day in a life05:46

A day in a life

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Air date: April 13, 2015
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Homer gets sent to bed early
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A day in a life is the music video by TheTheoryReader Est. 1993.


Here is RoryComedian1993's latest animation: A Day In A Life. Song is Strobo Nights by LiveTune featuring Hatsune Miku.


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List of ScenesEdit

  1. 1:18 - The High Horizon
  2. 1:32 - Down the path
  3. 1:44 - Girl relaxing by the sea
  4. 1:52 - Kate Jones watches the sea
  5. 2:02 - Eric Williamson does his job
  6. 2:17 - Brian Williamson, Emma McGoldrick, Julie Jones, Paul Wood, Salli Henderson and Susan McGildrick do karaoke
  7. 2:38 - Man enters the store and looks at products
  8. 2:59 - Two officers on a break
  9. 3:15 - Millie Wood at the tills
  10. 3:34 - A class in action
  11. 4:06 - Andrew and Adrianna watch the city from the rooftop
  12. 4:25 - Haruka grounds Homer for 6 months for bunking off school
  13. 4:34 - Wubbzy, |Chihaya and Miki watch TV
  14. 4:40 - Princess Matilda and Lumpkin sleeping
  15. 4:59 - FlutterGirl, Melissa and Jennie talk to each other about their day


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