Benson gets held back
Benson gets held back06:44

Benson gets held back

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General Information
Air date: August 19, 2015
Trouble maker(s): Benson
Kai Lan
Bad Cop
Grounder(s): Haruka Kudo
Roy Koopa
Punisher(s) in Toon Town: Coach Zucchini
Video Chronology
Troublemakers try to watch Foodfight
Life at SellBot HQ E1 Part 1
Gallery - Transcript

Benson gets held back is the 4th Benson Gets Grounded video.


Here, Benson gets himself held back to 1st grade, before he gets himself sent up to Squash and Stetch Gym, where he meets Bad Cop, Kai Lan and Caillou, and they had to do 9,000 push ups, without breaks,


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