Caillou grounds Firey and gets grounded
Caillou grounds Firey and gets grounded02:32

Caillou grounds Firey and gets grounded

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General Information
Air date: August 29, 2015
Trouble maker(s): Caillou
Victim(s): Firey
Grounder(s): Mrs. C
Punisher(s) in Toon Town: Professor Ivy
Video Chronology
Auto makes a grounded video out of Robot Boy
Mike calls Firey the Toilet Man and gets grounded
Gallery - Transcript

Caillou grounds Firey and gets grounded is the second episode of Caillou Gets Grounded.


Caillou thinks it is the good time to get dirty by grounding Firey, only to end up getting grounded. Then he gets sent out of Golem Town by being put onto one of the paintings at the Brackey Museum of Modern Art.


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