Chisaki Morito
Physical Appearence
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: February 19, 2000
Tochigi, Japan
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Professional Statistics
Clique: Heroes
Team: Morning Musume
Occupation: Singer (for Morning Musume)
Relationship Information
Friends: Erina Ikuta
Sakura Oda
Miki Nonaka
Reina Yokoyama
The six friends
Enemies: Homer Simpson
Chantel DuBois
Kai Lan
Appearences and Voices
First appearance: Chisaki Morito in CW Form!
Latest appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Julie (first voice)
Amy (second voice)
Chisaki Morito
The real Chisaki Morito

Chisaki Morito is a Japanese pop singer under Hello! Project. She is the sole 14th generation member of Morning Musume. She was first introduced when she failed a Morning Musume audition. She is also a member of Country Girls. Prior to joining Hello! Project, she was a member of the local idol group CoCoRo Gakuen.


Early LifeEdit

Chisaki Morito was born on February 19, 2000 in Tochigi, Japan. She attended the Star Project Academy dance school.


In spring-summer 2014, Morito participated in the Morning Musume '14 (Golden) Audition! for an opportunity to become a 12th generation member, but failed to join the group.

On November 1, Morito graduated from CoCoRo Gakuen.

On November 5, it was announced that Morito was added to Country Musume, now called Country Girls, alongside Tsugunaga Momoko, Yamaki Risa, Inaba Manaka, Shimamura Uta and Ozeki Mai. Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu would join the group a year later.


On September 8, Morito released her first solo e-Hello! Blu-ray, Greeting ~Morito Chisaki~.

In December, Morito Chisaki was added to the Hello! Project Station Dance Club.


On February 19, Morito celebrated her 16th birthday at a special event titled Country Girls Morito Chisaki Birthday Event 2016, featuring two performances in Tokyo. On the same day, Morito released her first mini solo photobook titled Morito Chisaki Mini Photobook "Greeting -Photobook-".

On June 24, it was announced Morito would become the new ambassador for Tochigi Prefecture. A formal event and a mini live with all of Country Girls were held at the VERY GOOD LOCAL Tochigi Fair on July 3.


On January 13, it was announced that Morito would release her first solo photobook, Morito Chisaki, on February 19.

On February 20, Morito celebrated her 17th birthday at an event titled Country Girls Morito Chisaki Birthday Event 2017, featuring three performances at TOKYO FM HALL.

Morito became a regular on the Tochigi travel show Tochigi Hatsu! Tabi Suki! beginning from April 12.

On June 9, it was announced that Country Girls would be ceasing regular activities and that three of the members, including Morito, would be transferring to other Hello! Project groups. On June 26, through a special episode of Hello! Project Station, it was revealed that Morito would be joining Morning Musume '17 as a new 14th generation member. She will begin performing with group in the Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER concert tour and Morning Musume '17's fall tour.

On June 28, Morito will release her first solo image Blu-ray, Chisaki in Paradise. Her member color, out of all things, is revealed to be White, making her the first member to get this colour.


Chisaki is seen wearing a white shirt, white skirt and black shoes. She has brown hair tied into a pony tail


To Be Added


  • She was in Country Girls before joining Morning Musume. She joined Morning Musume after the members of Country Girls went part-time after Momoko Tsugunaga's graduation. Nanami joined Juice=Juice while Musubu became a member of ANGERME.