Dave Wood is the father of Paul.


  • According to The Woods trivia:
    • He was born on July 12th, 1977.
    • His star sign was Cancer.
    • He was born in London, but he grew up in Upleaton in Gloucestershire.
    • He has two older brothers.
      • Their names were Jerome and Jermain.
    • Dave first met Millie after bumping into her by accident. She wanted to beat him up, but instead, she asked him out on a date. He was more than happy to do that.
    • He and Millie loved living in the countryside, particularly on a farm, and caring for farm animals.
    • Both he and Millie got married on May 23rd, 1997.
    • They moved to Bourne after their honeymoon, where they gave birth to Paul.
    • Hs favourite show is Keep It In The Family
    • His favourite song is Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson, but his favourite artist is Dizzee Rascall.