Deserving Action
Deserving Action03:36

Deserving Action

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General Information
Air date: December 27, 2015
Trouble maker(s): Scott
Grounder(s): Amy
Video Chronology
CD kills people and gets executed part 6
Best of the best: Amy; That's very naughty!
Gallery - Transcript

Deserving Action is the 38th episode of The Colour Bandits Gets Grounded and the first episode of the second season.


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  • This is the last GoAnimate video on MoMusuYes AdeleNo's GoAnimate account before the non-business themes got removed and the seventh part out of Chantel DuBois kills people and gets executed.
  • Lucy Tyler got mad at the creator for adding Claire as a troublemaker. So mad that she decided to report videos out of Claire as an act of cyberbullying...

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