Freddy swaps bodies with Firey and gets grounded
Freddy swaps bodies with Firey and gets grounded

Freddy swaps bodies with Firey and gets grounded

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General Information
Air date: 22 August 2015
Trouble maker(s): Freddy Fazbear
Victim(s): Firey
Grounder(s): Bubble
Punisher(s) in Toon Town: Mark the Lark
Video Chronology
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Freddy swaps bodies with Firey and gets grounded is the 6th episode in the Freddy Gets Grounded series.


Freddy this time deems it appropriate to swap bodies with Firey, but he got himself grounded and sailed away to the Blue Grotto Cave in Italy.


When Freddy Fazbear discovers a potion lab feeling down, he finds a potion in a tube, making him curious He walks up to inspect this hidden potion, and discovers he has a plan - to switch bodies with Firey! He puts it down, grabs his phone and contacts Firey, asking him to come and test out this potion, only for him to give Freddy an angry glare. Freddy promises that everything would be alright , but Firey doesn't feel too good, causing them to swap bodies, much to Leafy and Bubble's surprise. After discovering what Freddy had done to Firey, Bubble instantly takes action, grounding him for 123,456,789,876,543,212,345,678,987,654,321 years, and taking him to ToonTown, as punishment, where they see Mark the Lark. He instantly sends him to the Blue Grotto in Italy, where Fazbear thinks it would be a nightmare, but he happily thinks he can spend his grounding time here, listen to Adele, watch The Simpsons and play Five Nights at Freddy's, until the voice begs to differ. The voice forces him to wear nappies, listen to Morning Musume, watch Inanimate Insanity and play FIFA, which Freddy thinks it could turn into a disaster. The voice gives him an instruction to put a nappy on him, and all the CD's, DVD's and games wuld come out of the boat, which Freddy realizes, this is actually a nightmare.



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