Geometry Dash is an app game where player tap to make player's cube up on blocks and ump over spikes with gimmicks like ship, UFO and ball. It was Rory Stubbs' favorite game of all time.


These are some of the levels that are available in the original version at the moment:

  • Stereo Madness
  • Back On Track
  • Polargeist
  • Dry Out
  • Base After Base
  • Can't Let Go
  • Jumper
  • Time Machine
  • Cycles
  • xStep
  • Clutterfunk
  • Theory of Everything
  • Electroman Adventures
  • Clubstep
  • ElectroDynamix
  • Hexagon Force
  • Blast Processing
  • Theory of Everything 2
  • Geometrical Dominator
  • Deadlocked


These are some songs of the levels that are available n the Meltdown version at the moment:

  • The Seven Seas
  • Viking Arena
  • Airborne Robots



Geometry Dash has been mentioned in videos as one of the games that the troublemaker has to play for the rest of his or her life. Here are some examples:

In addition to mentions, there is also a dead meat video themed around Geometry Dash:


  • The game series also has it's own Wikia.

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