Homer Gets Grounded
Series Information
Number of Episodes: 30
First episode: Homer enters the SN's house/Grounded
Original airing: April 7, 2015 - May 20, 2015 (hiatus)

Homer Gets Grounded is the first grounded series where Homer caused a lot of trouble and getting himself grounded for it. The series ran for 30 episodes, but remains on hiatus.


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Season 1Edit

  1. Homer enters the SN's house/Grounded
  2. Homer gets held back
  3. Homer misbehaves at McDonalds
  4. Homer makes an earthquake
  5. Homer makes a fake VHS opening
  6. Homer causes a flood
  7. Homer watches his show and gets grounded
  8. Homer runs away and gets grounded
  9. Homer makes a fake lockdown
  10. Homer gets sent to bed early
  11. Homer bunks off school
  12. Homer misbehaves at Brackney Mall

Season 2Edit

  1. Homer pulls down the fire alarm
  2. Homer buys The Simpsons Movie/Grounded
  3. Homer goes to the park while grounded
  4. Homer chews gum and gets grounded
  5. Homer hides from Yin Yang and gets grounded
  6. Homer gets cast as a zombie and gets grounded
  7. Homer makes a grounded video out of Lumpkin
  8. Homer steals Wubbzy's KKB/ Sent to TT
  9. Homer escapes Toon Town and gets Grounded
  10. Homer gets Jay Ronald arrested/Sent to CashBot HQ
  11. Homer escapes CBHQ and gets grounded (full)
  12. Homer rants on me and gets grounded
  13. Homer mispells a word on The Spelling Bee

Season 3Edit

  1. Homer gets Susan sick and gets grounded
  2. Homer cheats and gets grounded
  3. H, B, FF & RC send their parents to TT
  4. Homer misbehaves at his babysitter
  5. Homer Kills Morning Musume/Gets Grounded


  • The series is a controversial series, as a majority of users like The Simpsons.

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