Homer steals Wubbzy's KKB/ Sent to TT
Homer steals Wubbzy's KKB Sent to TT04:57

Homer steals Wubbzy's KKB Sent to TT

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General Information
Air date: Apr 30, 2015
Trouble maker(s): Homer Simpson
Victim(s): Wubbzy
Grounder(s): Haruka Amami
Punisher(s) in Toon Town: Chief Justice
Video Chronology
What Roy Koopa is to me
Homer escapes ToonTown and gets grounded
Gallery - Transcript

Homer steals Wubbzy's KKB/ Sent to TT is the 20th video in the Homer Gets Grounded series.


Homer is sent to LawBot HQ after stealing Wubbzy's Kickety Kickball.


To Be Added



  • This is the first video to introduce Toon Town as a punishment town.

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