Kai Lan Misbehaves with a Special Guest
Kai Lan Misbehaves with a Special Guest07:03

Kai Lan Misbehaves with a Special Guest

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General Information
Air date: August 14, 2015
Trouble maker(s): Kai Lan
Victim(s): Sayumi Michishige
Grounder(s): Joe
Video Chronology
Falcon tries to push Firey/Grounded
BC and LB rants on two users/Grounded
Gallery - Transcript

Kai Lan Misbehaves with a Special Guest is the episode of Kai Lan Gets Grounded.


Kai Lan is invited to a special dinner with the OO characters and Sayumi Michishige. But however, Kai Lan gives everyone a a Christmas gift: watching The Simpsons. Kai Lan soon ends up in very deep water and gets grounded by Joe and Daizy.


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