Kayla the Naughty Girl
Kayla the Naughty Girl01:57

Kayla the Naughty Girl

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General Information
Air date: March 25, 2015
Trouble maker(s): Kayla
Victim(s): Eric, Susan, and Lumpkin
Grounder(s): Kayla's father
Video Chronology
Kimberly Jane Williams gets fired
The Veena Prank
Gallery - Transcript

Kayla the Naughty Girl is the third GoAnimate video by TheTheoryReader Est. 1993.


Kayla is being a very naughty girl. She talks back to Eric and bullies Lumpkin, the lovable blue bear with the red and white cap and the yellow t-shirt.


to be added


  • Eric
  • Kayla
  • Susan
  • Belle
  • Lumpkin
  • Kayla's father


  • to be added

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