Millie Wood is the mother of Paul.


  • According to The Woods trivia:
    • She was born on June 27th, 1979.
    • Her star sign was Cancer.
    • She was born in Edinburgh, but moved to Upleadon, Gloucestershire when she was a two year old.
    • She first met Dave at high school after he bumped into her. She said she wanted to beat him up, but asked him out on a date instead, which Dave accepts, and they realize they love looking after farm animals..
    • Both Millie and Dave were married on May 7th, 1997.
    • Millie sometimes makes special 'Human-Pig-Like' pellets for Paul to snack on while he acted like a pig.
    • Millie likes to milk the cows twice a day by patting them on the back when it is their milking time.
    • Her favourite TV show is The Chase
    • Her favourite artist is The Feeling
    • Her favourite movie is Frozen
  • She works at the Greenhouse Agency for Criminals.