Naughty Girls, Serena and Kayla
Naughty Girls, Serena and Kayla01:05

Naughty Girls, Serena and Kayla

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General Information
Air date: March 26, 2015
Trouble maker(s): Serena and Kayla
Grounder(s): Brian and Catherine
Video Chronology
The Job Interview
Diesel, Max and Steven the naughty boys
Gallery - Transcript

Naughty Girls, Serena and Kayla is the video by TheTheoryReader Est. 1993.


Kayla and Serena wake their parents up and they both get grounded for it.


to be added


  • Kayla
  • Serena
  • Catherine
  • Brian


  • Lucy Tyler does not think that Kayla ( not from the Colour Bandits ) and Serena being grounded isn't very funny. But she respects the creator's opinion on these 2 twin sisters.

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