Ruby 'Easy' Oaks
Ruby Oaks GoAnimate
Physical Appearence
Gender: Male
Professional Statistics
Clique: Heroes
Occupation: Piston Cup Racer
Relationship Information
Relatives: TBA
Friends: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Appearences and Voices
First appearance: Pit Stop Crew get in dead meat
Latest appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Simon
Ruby Oaks

Ruby "Easy" Oaks is the Easy Idle race car.


Ruby Oaks is a Crown Celesta, alike to a few other Piston Cup race cars. Ruby is light blue and white, with the Easy Idle logo on his hood and trunk. He also has the number 51 painted in black on his doors and roof.


In Cars, Ruby is seen with all of the other Piston Cup racers, competing in the final race of the season at the Motor Speedway of the South. He is later involved in the huge 31-car wreck, but makes it out okay and is able to continue racing.

In The World of Cars Online, Ruby is one of the three opponents at the Big Heartland Speedway, the others being Rusty Cornfuel and Floyd Mulvihill.

Ruby also appears as an in-app available car in Cars Daredevil Garage.


Ruby "Easy" Oaks is a racecar in the Piston Cup. His number is 51, and his sponsor is Easy Idle. Nicknamed "Easy" Oaks for his laid back attitude and his slow, gravelly voice, Ruby Oaks view of life mirrors his approach to racing. He likes to take it easy, gather his thoughts, get folks to let their guard down, and when they least expect it, take the lead.


Cars Information
Ruby Oaks Information
Number: 51
Name: Ruby 'Easy' Oaks
Sponsor: Easy Idle
Voice: Simon