Simon Jones is the father of Julie.


  • According to The Joneses trivia:
    • He was born on June 4th, 1978.
    • His star sign was Gemini.
    • He was born in Carlisle, Cumbria.
    • Growing up, he was a loyal supporter of Carlisle United.
    • He currently works at KFC, where he normally does lunchtimes.
      • He says he really enjoys his job.
      • He once witnessed one of his employees flip out after one customer had asked for bacon, which KFC didn't have.
    • Simon first met Kate when he was 13.
      • He says that he and Kate stood together like Millie and James Barratt.
    • He and Kate got married on February 14th. 1997, watched on by his angry dad.
      • He wanted Simon to be with someone other than Kate, but he refused to listen to him every time.
    • His favourite show is I'm a Celebrity
    • His favourite artist is Michael Jackson.
      • He was sad when he died in 2009.