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The original colour bandits

The Colour Bandits are seven troublemakers who go about causing lots of trouble. The original members are Diesel, Callie, Duncan, Kendra, Jennifer, Steven and Kayla. They are all siblings, with Amy as their mother. Their main rivals are The Colour Heroes.


Name Colour Rivals Voiced by
Diesel Red Carlos Diesel
Callie Orange Jazmine Callie
Duncan Yellow Damian Duncan
Kendra Green Sergio Kendra
Jennifer Blue Alice Jennifer
Steven Purple Beatrix Steven
Kayla Pink Belle Kayla
Chloe White Joseph Callie
Ronald Black Charlie Diesel
Scott Teal Sky Diesel
Thomas Magenta Sakura Duncan
Claire Cyan Jermaine Callie
Pat Grey Kelly Callie
Jodie Gold Zeke Callie
Annie Silver Sangeeta Kayla
Lisa Bronze Jessica Tween-Girl
Tommy Platinum Diego Duncan
Amy Brown Green Red Claudia Amy


The Colour Bandits
DieselCallieDuncanKendraJenniferStevenKaylaChloeRonaldScottThomasAmy (mother)

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