The Colour Bandits Gets Grounded
Series Information
Number of Episodes: 38
First episode: Steven back chats
Original airing: September 9, 2015 - December 27, 2015 (hiatus)

The Colour Bandits Gets Grounded is the grounded series out of The Colour Bandits.


Season 1Edit

  1. Steven back chats
  2. Jennifer bunks off and gets grounded
  3. Kendra makes an obscene mess
  4. Kayla watches Blood C and gets grounded
  5. Callie refuses to do her homework/Gets Grounded
  6. Diesel Ditches out on his homework
  7. Duncan uses foul language
  8. Steven forces and threatens Beatrix
  9. Diesel and Duncan force Carlos to hate Cars
  10. Diesel makes a grounded video out of Emma
  11. Kendra bunks off
  12. Thomas makes a video out of Sky
  13. Ronald bunks off and acts like a baby
  14. Claire gets grounded multiple times
  15. Chloe lies about bunking off
  16. Kendra gets treated like a baby
  17. Chloe and Claire bunk off
  18. Kayla and Jennifer at bedtime
  19. Chloe/Kendra are being naughty past their bedtime
  20. C, C and K ask for cigarrettes
  21. Homework is untouched
  22. Stealing £300 worth of food
  23. Pat's being naughty
  24. Smokers are naughty
  25. Going to Slider's house
  26. Fibbing
  27. When boarding a boat fails...
  28. Out while grounded
  29. Boarding a plane while supposed to be in school
  30. Mocking Rosie and Jane
  31. Up past their bedtimes
  32. Lisa in trouble
  33. Annie leaves her room in an obscene mess
  34. Jodie caught not once but twice
  35. Untouched Homework Suspects
  36. Tommy up at midnight
  37. Carpet messes and retirement

Season 2Edit

  1. Deserving Action


  • In the video "Diesel Makes a Grounded Video Out of Emma", he added Emma's fake parents which was some fat person and Blue Jacket Girl and made their voices Diesel and Kimberly.

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